Monday, August 10, 2009

Thread Painting Class

We had a thread painting class at Laura's Sewing and Vac with Kathy Ward. She does fabulous works of art quilts. Forgot the camera. There are two classes, one was this afternoon and the other is this evening. Kathy is the spokesperson for Superior Threads. I was amazed at the threads and how my machine reacted to them (they are superior). They have a Bottom Thread (Kathy had us use Sage Green) that can be used in the bobbin with any other thread or color we are using and it won't show through. AMAZING! We do have to use a special needle (it has a larger eye). We are wanting her to come back and teach us Texture Magic.
She gave us an applique flower which we applied to our fabric then, using King Tut #932 varigated (1 inch instead of the usual 4 inch varigation) thread, I zig-zagged, free motion the design. I'm in love - the thread colors and variety of offerings can be used for so many projects.

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  1. That's interesting. I had never heard of thread painting before. Nice yellow flower!