Friday, March 25, 2011

Pillowcases for cancer kids

I don't mean to be too busy for you. I enjoy your visits and comments.  Thank you.  I have taken two quilt show trips and promise I will show pictures.  I have two owl pillows with crochet tops and appliques and cute owl print fabric on the back.  The main issue of the month (due April 18 at the ASG - American Sewing Guild) is the pillowcases we are all doing for the cancer kids.  I decided to make 1 a day.  I made my first one Thursday and cut 3 more out today for the weekend.  I wanted to do this last year (1M challenge) but didn't get it done, since they extended it, I'm doing it.  The ASG will be having a cookbook come out and that should be fun. I have entered a recipe.  Have a great week.  Blessings, Janet


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  1. What a wonderful idea ~ pillow cases for the children's charity ~ am not clear are the owls all pillow cases? They are beautiful ~ Just stopped by to say Good Morning and to wish you the best in the day ~ ArtMuse Dog ^_^