Monday, April 25, 2011

Blue Bird in my backyard

You have to know by now I love birds.  This little blue bird was in my backyard as I was working at the sewing table and I had to share with you.  Remember this is through a screen and glass, so it's a bit hazy although the sun is shining.  Blessings, Janet


  1. Hi Janet ~ Glad you had a good Holiday ~ Great family ^_^ ~ Also, am intrigued with your 'blue bird' ~ great considering you took the pic through glass and screen and all ~ Wishing you well ^_^

  2. Janet ~ there is a Blog Award for you at my blog ~ enjoy and pass it on ~ ^_^

  3. Sorry Janet ~ my faux pas ~ The Bog Award will be on my site tomorrow ~ ^_^ ~ then just copy the Award to your blog and follow the directions ~ ^_^

    I did the same thing ~ used to write for Alt Med on Aol and they stopped and then another one I forget and now here I am ~ guess I just need to write ~ ^_^