Friday, December 12, 2014

Week 50: Fantasy Vacation

Week 50 of our Documented Life Journal: Fantasy Vacation: Scotland and my ancestors Buchanan Castle.  I would pack a camera, maps, art diary and walking shoes.

The castle is in poor shape. They had to take the roof off for taxes.  Six months later the law was rescinded but it was too late.  The castle has trees growing out of it. The latest pictures show it crumbling. I sketched it, and added pictures from the Internet. I had put a few pictures and the flower on fabric, then put it in a picture frame.  The maps show Scotland in relations to England and Ireland (my ancestry came from Ireland) plus the 2 maps on the right show where the Buchanan lineage is in relation to other lineages.  The tartan plaid is on the right and the Buchanan symbol on the left.

This was a fun journal page.

Thanks to Kristin and Eva for a great Paint Party Friday and all the artists for the tips and creative energy that gives me the incentive to stay active in my art.

“I can do nothing about it if my paintings don’t sell. The day will come, though, when people will see that they’re worth more than the cost of the paint and my subsistence, very meagre in fact, that we put into them.” ~ Vincent van Gogh (personal letter to his brother Theo; 25 Oct 1888)


  1. Glad you had fun with your journal page! That is some quote by Van Gogh, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great journal page! loved the quote!

  3. Love your interesting page Janet and your writings. Hugs Annette x

  4. So sad to see a beautiful building like that go to ruins. Love how you placed the before and after-image....

  5. It is sad to see a beautiful old castle crumbling, though I am sure it would still be great to visit... lovely page... xx

  6. Sad that they crumble! Just imagine all the history..... I*'d love to visit there too!

  7. It is so sad when beautiful buildings are let go - I love your page and your fantasy vacation.