Friday, January 29, 2016

Baby Birds Learning to Fly

ATC card Prismacolor pencils and ink. Baby birds are flying from home to tree. . .sort of!

We have had 2 days every week of Tornadoes and flooding for the past 3 weeks. Totally  unusual for So. FL. I've lived here almost 30 years and Tornadoes have been many but never the destructive kind we had in IL.  It is totally unusual for the hottest year on record (last year) and the horrendous weather we are now having. It's like the world turned upside down and we are all flying against the wind. . . like my little bird.

Thank you Kristin and Eva for the wonderful Artists place you give us to show our works and to learn from each other.  Be sure and give a look at all the wonderful artists at Paint Party Friday.
 I had no idea Thursday was Squirrel Day.  I would have posted my drawing.

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  1. The squirrel is simply darling, Janet! I didn't know about squirrel day either. We have oodles of them around here. The weather certainly is a challenge. I think I am fortunate to live where I live. Think of those folks in CA whose homes are falling into the sea! And I learned that when they built the houses they were quite a ways off the beach.

  2. Ahh so that's possibly why I'm seeing so many squirrels this week... squirrel day!
    Fancy that and I didn't have a clue.
    Great sketch... he looks like he's hunkering down against the horrible weather we're having. Currently Storm Gertrude has come to call and she appears to be very angry!
    Happy PPF to you

  3. From one JK to another, what fun drawings. That little squirrel looks mischievous!

  4. Your baby bird and bird house painting is so sweet, love it.

  5. I was just thinking I am seeing a lot of squirrels. Didn't know they had a day. LOL Love your art.

  6. I especially like the bull and the squirrel, good jobs.
    Saludos desde España