Friday, December 30, 2016

ACEO cards, My beige home, Patio with fountain behind it, Pelican where I feed the Squirrels

I always wanted and painted a yellow house/cottage. . with water. . .and a pups. I don't know if the Beige Apt. I moved to from FL to Tulsa would count as yellow, however, I do have a Patio wherein the Fountain is behind the Pelican planter. I used mostly Prismacolor pencils and Pens trying to portray my dream. I'm close.
ACEO cards that I couldn't part with because they are part of my 'dream.'

Thank you Kristin and Eva for Artists who love to draw/paint to have a place to go and to those who review and encourage us. Thank you Paint Party Friday.
 Twilight my new place.
 Since we have 'winter' I have Pistachios and Bird food.
 OK, little Beggar.
 The patio and the Pelican planter.
 The fountain can be seen behind the Pelican 
and to the Right. This is my Patio.
 Squirrel on the Patio post.
 Backyard and over the fence . . I get to pet this beautiful creature.

Happy New Year and Blessings,
If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how AMAZING you can be. ~ Maya Angelou


  1. Your drawings are charming! Keep your dreams! I like the quote you selected as well. Happy New Year!
    ~~ Irene

  2. Well, yes, beige is at least similar to yellow. And a fountain is water :-) So I'd say you're getting closer to your dreams! Wishing you more fullfilled dreams in 2017, and lots of joy and creativity dear Janet ♥

  3. Just nipping in here Janet, to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year and all the best for a creative 2017. Thank you for sharing your artwork throughout the year, helping inspire and leaving lovely positive comments on my blog :D
    p.s. I haven't had time this last week to create any artwork, so I thought I'd visit everyone instead.

  4. Beautiful photos and art. God bless you; Happy New Year and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  5. Lovely pictures (I'm still dreaming of a blue home)
    Happy New Year from Germany :)

  6. Happy new year and many thanks for sharing your wonderful art this past year and hope that you will continue to do so in 2017 and beyond.

  7. I would love to live in a place with a horse in the garden! Love your squirrel photos!
    Wren x

  8. Lovely series of photos of your 'new home' and fun ACEO cards ~ not sure how or why you moved to Tulsa ~ but great hearing from you ~

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ ^_^

  9. Tulsa? We're practically neighbors now. :) We have lots of squirrels here in KS, too, and we feed ours, also. They're cute little buggers. Love watching them fight, and chase one another around the trees. ha! Looks like you have a lovely new apartment patio, and friends. :)

  10. love the photos .and those horses so cute .
    hugs xo