Thursday, October 1, 2020

What I Learned in school that taught me how to live a successful Life.

WHAT I LEARNED IN SCHOOL THAT TAUGHT ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE AND SUCCEED Jr. High School (7, 8, 9) Home Economics: Sewing/Cooking/Modeling (for school and at local store) Shop: 7up can turned into a light Cars: engines, oil, noises, etc. ART: Drawing/Painting and Built a house from wood-sticks These were the regular classes along with the above: Math, Spelling, Writing, English, Health, Gym (outside and inside), Geography, Music, History/voting High School 10-12 Math - English - History: The school brought in a voting booth showing us how to vote and that it is always important to vote. EXTRA CURRICULAR: I took: Typing, Shorthand; Sewing and cooking. We made a wardrobe and modeled it for the school. I Graduated 1960 and worked at State Farm. I had worked my Senior Year half day and went half day to school. They hired me after I graduated. When I graduated, I had no funds for college. I always wanted to go. When I had the monies I attended Illinois State University in 1980: 25 years after high school that I graduated in December 1985. I Majored in History with Minor in Women’s Studies. I taught one semester at ISU History for credit. I worked at ISU off and on while attending. After graduating I worked for a Lobbyist at the Capitol in Springfield, IL. I finally completed everything I wanted to do in life. With what I learned in high school, I made money in the process. Just to give an idea of what can be done with the right classes taught in school along with the BASICS. I do not see any of these courses taught in schools today. The “extra courses” gave me more thought, time, money later in life. Bloomington High School is adding Music and ART classes back in their curriculum after my graduating class of 1960 suggested it. We are contributing to them. Marriage brought me two daughters. I made clothes for the whole family; including holiday and school clothes, a shirt for my husband and bathrobe. I enjoyed sewing for the children but always wanted to be a clothes designer. I retired and began making and selling Cloth Dolls. I then realized that I was designing clothes for my dolls. Finally a Dress Designer. I moved to Florida and lived on the Intracoastal for a time. I started a business with my daughter. I made cloth dolls and she made Jewelry. I then purchased my own condo. I put in a huge a/c unit, a water heater, refrigerator, stove and added storm shutters over a period of time. I am very proud that I was able to pay it off. All of the classes I was taught in school made my life possible. Children these days would benefit from these classes as well. Life skills need to be taught to our children not just how to pass tests for school.

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