Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 New Gals in Town

I spent last weekend in St. Augustine. Just about the most beautiful place ever. Our quilt group chose the city for the Christmas light special. The ocean and the 'Charlies' (Pelican squadrons) are beautiful to see. The are mostly a part of northern FL.

The best quilt shop is there too - don't miss the slide tour of the shop. She has the best batiks.

I am not finished with the 2 new gals, but they wanted to go out and party, much to my dismay. Dollies certainly don't have patience. Ballroom Gal has a Tattoo. I don't know, she must have gotten when she was out and about!

So many parties this weekend and too much food. I walk at least a mile and a half every other day. . .but it's not helping.

Every day is a new day. What a blessing. I am so happy to be retired with days so full of good people and happy work and volunteering. God's love is everywhere. May you have happy holidays (Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah).

Thank you for stopping to look in on my latest projects.


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  1. I think I finally found you, your site is called WILD ART, these new gals in town are too much fun, Love Kat