Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happiness in the Old Year

This will be the last post for the old year 2008. I have truly enjoyed the last part of this year. I have a few treasures I want to share with you. I made a fabric portrait of a very special couple for the renewing of their vows on 10-12-08. All my love went into the gift. I treasure their life together and want to be with them as they set a new course.

I experimented with a new pattern and gave them out at my Bee's to see if they were what I had hoped. I have a hard time lugging my large pin cushion around and decided to try a much smaller pin cushion. The new design is based on a strawberry and is filled with sand. I find that they travel well so far. I have a new design in mind with a bit larger and safer leak proof method. I am still learning as I go.

I look forward to the new year and making new dolls in cloth, clay and new dimensions in forms (this is a teaser until I can find a name for what I am going to try next).

I've set up a permanent village in my dining room. As soon as I discover how to download the camera into the PC I will show the pictures.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year 2009. God Bless.
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