Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jan's Cafe

Still in Dunedin. Right across the parking lot from Rainbow's End was a delicious healthy
lunch at Jan's Cafe. A very small 4 or 5 table (inside) area. Patti and I came in for lunch and they
said to go on in
side next door and look around. It turned out to be a beautiful antique shop. By the time we finished looking, our table was ready. The picture at the left is of Dodie and Patti (and you can see me in the reflection) after finishing our refreshing ice tea break from seeing the downtown antique shops.

In particular
An Olde Feedstore, with amazing antiques. They had old Lucy Show videos and a lost Lucy video. The 60s pink sweater was beautifully hand embroidered. Those of us in FL should think about that gorgeous hurricane lamp. What about that rooster, too cute.

By dinner time we were in Tarpon Springs and had a delicious dinner at the best Greek Restaurant. They were flaming dinners all over the place. A very fun place to eat. We shopped after. I did NOT go back into their pastry shoppe. The cookies and desserts looked delicious and most of the gals said they were yummy.
Our tour guide and friend, Katy who dreams up these wonderful trips, is on the left in the Greek restaurant picture along with some of the gals.
Tomorrow I scout out the Tarpon Springs pictures and on to mid-FL.
Blessings, Janet

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