Friday, August 26, 2016

Tulsa, OK is my new home. . . with new ART, new surroundings and family.

I bought Pastels and used my daughters Prismacolor pencils until my things arrived and I had use of a computer again. . . which was much longer than I expected.
Thank you Kristin and Eva for this wonderful world of art and artists.  We show our work, we learn from each other and  it is a beautiful Community of Artists at Paint Party Friday. Be sure and visit
as many of the artists as you can. . . . it's a great world.

 My move to Tulsa, OK: (Yes, it's in the US and no, I don't need a Passport) some of the comments I heard before my move.
I am originally from the Midwest, therefore, this is not a big shock to me.
I miss Florida, the kind of birds, the Ocean and the friends I made while there. It was like living in a Nature Center.

However, surprisingly I have seen so much nature in this Community that I now live in which is in Tulsa.

It has been, on the one hand a tortuous experience and, a fortuitous experience. God works in wondrous ways. But that's a story for another day.

I was three weeks without my 'things' and the truck finally arrived I had to turn around and move again. . . within the same community though. Tough month. But the tough was worth the outcome.

Some pictures of this pretty place I now call home:

 I am a cloud person so how could I resist the Moon and the clouds.
 My neighbor across the Courtyard has a Humming bird feeder.
They are so much tinier than I ever thought.
 The Bushes and trees are in beautiful bloom. . 
(end of June and all of July).
 The waterfall fountain. . . love to hear the sounds.
 Squirrels and birds are everywhere here. Unafraid and hungry.
 Good Afternoon little guy.
 The horses belong to the people across the street, 
however, their yard butts up against ours.
Excellent fodder for paintings and drawings.
 There is a little Female Downing Cardinal that has a 
Sweet Tooth, I mean beak. . she is a very small bird
and lives up in the tree next to the feeder.
 Amazing all the huge trees in the backyard.
 When I first moved into the new place, it was a rainy day.
We have a lot of trees in our courtyard . . quite beautiful.
 Don't know how many of you remember my Pelican made of rock.
He has a fine view of everything . . .
 . . . and the fountain is behind him.
 Pretty place, shady during the day.
 The backyard has trees, a brick barbeque, and plenty of yard. . .
 . . Plenty of shade too.
 The trees are huge all over the place, not used to seeing 
anything but Palms everywhere.
 The neighbors have a gorgeous barn.
I love the neighboring that everyone does . . . reminds me of old times in the Midwest. The way we all grew up back then was a real Blessing.
Your current situation is not your final destination. ~ Lakeisha Sinclair


  1. Glad you are now safely in your new home, and can enjoy your life there. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I would miss being near the ocean too, but wow- your new surroundings are just as gorgeous with all of the animals, birds, trees, etc.! I am enjoying our hummingbirds and downy woodpecker too. Wishing you many blessings in your new home. Happy PPF!

  3. Looks like you've settled in nicely in your new home, Janet. I have an old friend in a retirement home there in Tulsa. Loved your photos.

  4. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures of your new location...but being born and bred on Seaspray Ave. in Palm Beach and going to school at Rosarian Academy Academy in WPB, I would give my right arm to go back. I miss it so much and it is not getting any better at 77. It was a wonderful place to grow up. Rosarian is still there, but it is not the same. Hope you are happy and adjust to your new surroundings soon. Love the pelican made the trip unscathed. genie

  5. I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling good in your new home. It certainly looks beautiful there ...

  6. Wow that was a big move. I have been to Tulsa and spent some time there. Too humid for me, but I did enjoy that city. Glad your things are there. Very nice art.