Friday, September 30, 2016

Little Duckling and Halloween in the neighborhood

Prismacolor pencils and pen. I remember all the ducklings I saw when I lived in FL. So precious.

Thank you Kristin and Eva for a marvelous time on Paint Party Friday. . .Be sure and visit as many of the artists as you can.  They are so talented and share that talent with us.  I wasn't able to visit many this week.  Sometimes unpacking makes it impossible to be on the computer much. 

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I will make every effort to get around to see everyone and comment as much as I can.
Someone's GPS failed.
 Squirrel. . uh oh, don't drop that on me.
 Squirrel eating Breakfast.
 Pelican on my patio with fountain in background. . .
love the sounds. . . need to decorate the patio. However,
plants that grow here have to be different 
hot AND cold to be considered.
 Halloween Cat. . .large guy lights up at night.
We are all unique. Allow You to be You.


  1. Love your decor!!!
    And your chick is wonderful!

  2. Love the chick. Crikey Halloween starts early!

  3. Oh Janet your duckling is so adorable!! Love the photos...I sure hope you are doing as well as your blog post seems...Love Halloween decorations!! I hope you can now enjoy four beautiful seasons!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. That is such a cute duckling, Janet! And so well done! You captured the softness and fuzziness so well with the penciling. Ha, love the witch - so funny😄.

  5. Such a sweet little duckling ♥ It looks like a really nice place where you're living. Have fun decorating your patio!

  6. You did a great job on the duckling. You achieved the softness of the feathers. Very nicely done. I want that witch on a tree. That is to cute. Great photos.

  7. Your duckling is charming! I like him looking out at me. I have a squirrel outside my door that eats the seeds from the giant bird of paradise. Every time I open the door there is a loud rustling as he scurries away, jumping from tree to tree. Have a lovely week! ~~ irene

  8. Lots of fun pieces today
    Happy PPF

    much love...

  9. such s cute little ducking :)

    Happy PPF :)
    Jennifer# 45

  10. A sweet little guy you have drawn. Love your post!

  11. nice duckling, Janet. I hope you are getting acclimated to Oklahoma and all the wind. Happy PPF.

  12. What a fun post Janet. That duckling is so cute.
    I can't imagine having a pelican on the patio!
    Happy PPF to you and good luck with the unpacking :D

  13. Your little duckling is so sweet. Enjoyed your photos too. I would love a pelican outside my door!

  14. Cute chick. :) Getting ready for Halloween I see. Squirrels are beautiful! :)

  15. Great post! I like colored leaves too. We just get brown ones where I live. Rarely do I see a pretty Fall tree. Your squirrel friend is so cute. So did he drop the acorn on your head? I sure hope not. Happy PPF and have a great week. Hugs, Rasz