Friday, June 30, 2017

Kittah found an egg in the garden.

Another Pastel Painting and Faber Castell ink in my journal.
 Thank you Eva and Kristin for giving this wonderful Paint Party Friday.  .  .  To laugh and play, to learn and comment.  I love being a part of all the wonderful ART.
I've had a few strange days, but turned out to not be too serious.

 Mid-Courtyard Fountain and flowers.
 I was sitting in my living and looked up and saw
this redbird on the vines. . .like living in a nature center.
 Buckskin horse out in back pasture and barn.
 Some days are dark and cloudy.
 This one is twilight. . .sun going down.
 Buckskin horse up close.
 Bay horse up close.
 Moon and Trees last night.
 Go. Be. Love. The World Needs You.


  1. Beautiful art and photos. Hugs, Valerie

  2. I think you are living in a nature center with all those animals, lucky you!

  3. Super cute artwork and beautiful photos Janet! Happy PPF :)

  4. Such a cute drawing, Janet. Love the photos too.

  5. So cute ... the cat looks happy that he found an Easter egg in the summer ;-)

  6. Awwwhhh this is so cute. I love your photos especially the horses.