Friday, June 16, 2017


RIBBIT -- actually its CROAK/CROAK 
every night. . .UGH around the Fountain.
 I sketched these two years ago. . .and just found them again when I recently moved. My Nature period.  I am having a time crunch here and there. Please have patience. . I will try to visit as many of you as I can. I learn so much and I enjoy each and everyone of you. Thank you so much for looking in to see what I'm doing and leaving a comment.

Thank you Eva and Kristin for a wonderful place Paint Party Friday to live my art, enjoy learning, and commenting to these wonderful exciting artists.  Please visit the other wonderful artists and/or become one yourself.

 Gracie chooses who gives her loves and I can't pass her until I do.
How in the world can one pass up this great opportunity.
 Fountain in the Courtyard. . .Daytime.
 My Pelican Planter is very familiar to
Squirrels at Breakfast.
 OK, do you really know that it gets HOT in Tulsa.
Whew. . .guess so. . . who knew!!
 Bird House Barrel
 Finally, I found the third horse. . .hiding back
behind the barn. . .another pasture.
 These are the two I always see . . .a Buckskin and a Bay
all are quarter horses.
 Weather Vane on top of Barn.  . Blue sky and clouds.
"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” ~ Lauren Bacall


  1. I love digging up old sketches that have long been forgotten. Thanks for sharing yours, and happy PPF!

  2. Those are great sketches and some lovely photos too! Happy PPF!

  3. nice drawings Janet. Love how you've captured the out of doors with your wonderful photos! Happy PPF!

  4. Nice Work, and what a lovely quote about 'imagination, thanks for sharing

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  5. Wow your nature art is amazing. I love that frog!!! Wonderful photos, great angles and depth of perception.

  6. Awesome sketches! And your photos are wonderful as well.

  7. these are great drawings Janet! I especially like the lynx, it's so cute. And I love the pictures of the cat laying down and the squirrel in the heat :-)

  8. Hello Janet, oh your drawings are excellent. Isn't it fun to find ones that have been tucked away, thanks for sharing.
    Love all your photos too - have a great weekend!

  9. Wonderful sketches, Janet. You live in such a beautiful place. I am interested in hearing more about the source of that tower fire. I heard it started in a kitchen. It's hard to believe that a building could be completely obliterated that quickly from just a kitchen fire. Even if the building was nothing but wood and paper. Looks suspicious to my suspicious mind.

  10. Fabulous sketches! Love them and that squirrel lounging is amazing! Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. love your sketches and all the animals, even the lazy scqirrel