Friday, August 11, 2017

Small TAG front picture and back quote.

 I used pastels, Pitt pen, white gel pen, Prismacolor pencils.  It is one of the smaller tags.

This is a new idea that I am practicing  .  .  of course the yellow cottage is back.. . Thank you Eva and Kristin for Paint Party Friday every week.

Thank you for your visits and comments to all the artists that come see me. I appreciate and enjoy the comments . .  that make me better and better. It really helps.

He called the horse from the other pasture.  . . here comes the Buckskin.
 . . Buckskin sees me. . . stops and looks at me. . .
 Two horses go off to get new shoes.
 Southwest (on speed dial)
 See the birds flying away. . .
 Moon earlier in the week.
 Night time fountain.
 Tornado formed overhead and took out some large branches
 . . .I had to get out the door in order to move it.
 We had a EF2 tornado form over us and take out 8 businesses 6 blocks away. One of them was my favorite . . .Panera Bread.  I Go to that one since I moved here.  There was no siren warning. I did get a push notice on my phone, but I was waiting to see if it was real by the siren. It was real. . 4 tornadoes that night. . . after 1:18 a.m.
The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. ~ Pablo Picasso


  1. I LOVE that quote! I often say to my husband that the sky, and our life just feels bigger now that we live in Colorado. Happy PPF! :)

  2. Your tags are wonderful with a great message. Photos are fantastic too. I love the horses. I didn't realize you lived in the Tulsa area. Glad you are OK. I have been there many times and was there when the sirens did go off and had to take cover.