Monday, March 23, 2009

Muggins the Skylord


After the computer was fixed, the Internet went out. . .but I believe everything is OK at this point. Muggins, the Skylord was a pattern winner for naming him. Two of us won, I named the little guy Muggins and Lady Rice named him The Skylord. You can purchase the pattern at Kat's Designs. She is a fantastic doll designer. See previous post for picture of Muggins, the Skylord.

Off-line I did keep busy, crocheting many tiny dresses and flowers. They will be used, specifically I put the on my tote. The larger flowers were used as pins
for the Quilt show - identifiers to keep us all together.

The Ft. Lauderdale quilt show was great and the artistic nature of the quilts are amazing. The portraits always mystify me and the butterfly quilt was awesome. I always enjoy the vendors.
On the way back home, the driver, Katy, took us down A1A along the ocean almost all the way. I do live in Paradise. I was pretty tired, my first all day outing since the surgery.

There was a doll class last week. I will show pictures next time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless
(((HUGGINS)))) Jan

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  1. Wow ~ great work ~ love them! Lot's of people had puter problems ~ hmmm ~ wonder what is going on ~ come visit ~ you are not alone ~

    Hugs and namaste,