Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Without Computer


This (fixing the computer) is going to take awhile. Microsoft is having quite a time figuring out what is wrong, so I guess I'll just have to cope and in the meantime read some of the books I have let linger. I finished reading Diana Athill's new book "Somewhere Towards the End" A memoir. She wrote this at age 89. She gives me hope that the upward years can be just as good, albeit a bit slower. She is a bright and positive example that 'older' can be good -- provided there is a dog and a garden in the picture -- exactly what my next projects are anyway. I'm glad to see I'm on the right track for enjoying the next stage of life. The next book I am in the midst of reading is Robert J. Wagner. . .my generation. What a smooth and interesting book. Smooth for the way it reads and interesting for the people and friendships he mentions.

I have been busy crocheting. I have made 5 (2 pink, 1 dk green, 1 lavendar and 1 gold) 3 inch dresses. Yesterday I picked up turquoise for another dress. They are adorable. I have put them on my tote and sent one to my grand for her birthday. She's going to put the shoulders of the little dress through a cord and wear it as a necklace. (The red one I made in Feb. for heart month, the pink is breast cancer, dk green is St. Patrick's day, lavendar is because I am older, and the turquoise is for ovarian cancer, the gold is because I am.) Sorry no computer, no pictures. I have also been crocheting flowers for trimmings, but they are too thick in yarn, so I have purchased perle and floss specifically to see if I can make the flowers flatter for trim.

I am enjoying reading (blogs) what everyone else is doing and their pictures. I will be traveling to Ft. Lauderdale for their quilt show on Sunday. I'll take pictures.

God Bless

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