Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mother's Day

     I find myself thinking about my mother often.  I guess I am subconsciously noticing the images around me.  It feels like I'm the only one without a mom.  It is so strange. Things come up and I want to talk to her about them just as I use to.  It is hard for me to put into words the part of me that misses her.  I only realize it's mother's day when my children send/give me a card.  Presents are nice, but memories are better.  When do your children realize that? 
     When I moved far away, every year I travelled back to see Mom and daddy.  Even now, every year I go back and see daddy, he's 93 in July.  So far he hasn't gotten stronger, so he's in a nursing home and that's a bummer for both of us.  I am unable to call him every night as I had done when he moved to the residential care apartment. 
    I attended the sewing guild meeting.  I made another (tie) bag and they loved it so much they want me to teach it.  What a thrill.  I am in a July Santa swap so as soon as I receive the materials, I have to get busy on that one.  I still have Muggins, the Sky Dragon, to make. 
   I see that almost everyone is beginning Spring.  Some of you had such a horrendous winter. I remember winters like that every year I lived in IL.  Not a happy time.
   No picture capability yet. Thank you for stopping by. 
God Bless,


  1. Jan--

    Thank-you for stopping by Th Katillac Shack!

    And sharing about Yogi Bear!

    I hope you make my porch--your porch!! Exciting about teaching the class--good for you!!!

    love, kelee

  2. Dear Jan,
    Your mother is with you always... and I hope you feel her love with you today.
    Thank you for always being SO sweet when you stop by my place and I enjoyed my visit here today at YOUR beautiful spot in Blogland.
    I've added you to my Blog Candy page too.


  3. Hi Jan:

    I totally appreciate your feelings about your mother.
    And, it is almost like a scent or an image seen reflected in a window...soft and illumined indirectly.

    Thanks for sharing.....

    love, kelee