Friday, April 17, 2009

No Pictures - Computer Death

I've been delayed in posting since the beginning of March because of the on/off situation with my computer.  The blue screen death finally happened. 

I now have a new computer (not wanting one at this point, but. . .). Finally NO WINDOWS.  I had tried Linux and highly recommend it. . However, I am trying the Apple/Mac Mini.  Now if I could find a way that it did not use power. . .ummmm.   If you remember FPL took me out March 5 and I haven't been able to establish a working computer since.  

I have been busy attending doll and guild meetings.  Palm Beach County Quilt Guild will be having their once every two years quilt show in Feb. 2010.  I have volunteered to garner adverts for the show program (co-chair).

I have worked on the 30 inch doll I had picked up at a flea market.  I am trying to make her less tarty.   I finished another 'tie' bag, which I had put up a picture in a previous post. . . using a different tie of course.

Thank you for reading, God Bless.

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