Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quilt Guild Meeting Saturday

    As I previously mentioned, I am co-chair of the adverts for the 2010 Quilt Show program. The monthly meeting was Saturday.  One of the ladies motioned to show sculptured soft dolls at our quilt show next year.  I seconded the motion.  Marie Zimmerman, VP and show CEO, has learned my name and number, she asked the person who made the motion to be chair, Margery said OK, she asked me to be co-chair.  I told her I was already co-chair.  She requested someone else, no one else came forward, therefore, she made me co-chair. YIKES!  As my girlfriend seated across from me said, 'open mouth, insert foot.'   
    Did I mention, Margery is name of the POV of the young adult book I'm writing!!  
    I have not been sewing, but I have not received my material yet for the challenge either. I am trying to clean out my house and redecorate.  There is a lot of accumulation from working/commuting 12 hour days (7 years) and then errands, attending meetings and having fun on weekends with my precious girlfriends.  
    I am learning a lot from what I have 'kept' or had no time to go through as a pack rat.  However, as I re-read or read for the first time, I am pitching it all. . . or (magazines) giving it to my daughter and/or neighbors.  I hate to throw out magazines with very good articles.  The books will go in a sale. . . 50 cents will make me a small fortune!!
   Thanks for reading, God Bless (you are all an inspiration to me)

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