Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Party Time for Pups at Kelee Katillac Shack

Kelee Katillac at Katillac Shack is having The Pet Parade Blog party Friday, Sept. 30. She sent out scarves to all of us who have pups and cats and we participated in embellishing them. She was able to reach her  goal of $2,000 to the Foreclosure Pets Fund.  She is requesting we all attend and you are more than welcome to post a picture of your pet on your blog with a link emailed back to Katillac Shack (see link above) so your pet is included in the party.  Add your link before September 28.
For every link that posts-- Design Gives Back will donate an extra $3.00 to the fund!!!!    Party Date is:  September 30, 2009.
Kelee and Oliver (her pups) ask: "You must send us your link to be included - this is a non-profit effort - we would appreciate your help on this."
Please, let's help her out for a worthy cause.

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