Monday, October 12, 2009

Barbie Took Over

I have two huge Halloween challenges that has taken up my time. Both projects  have come along to the point that I went back to the skinny witch. . . where did she go?  Uh-Oh, Barbie was here!  Look what she did to the Prim Witch!!!  Little Primmy got lonesome and invited a friend.  Umph, some friend.  She thinks she's beautiful. . . Yikes!  Now I will just have to deal.  She's so happy to be a purple (somewhat) faerie.  I cannot deny her. Don't turn your back for a minute on your dolls.  They do what they please anyway, but watch who their friends are. . . Enjoy - she is beginning to grow on me.


  1. Janet,
    Thank you so much for posting on my blog. I'm sorry that I haven't yet, I'm not on the internet all that much (my little ones keep me so busy!) But I also sent you your apron. I really hope that you like it! I had so much fun making it! I love Halloween! I hope all is going well! I have enjoyed looking at your projects! Great talent!