Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lil Witch or Skinny Witch

I've been busy with the challenge, but on the side I've made the Skinny Witch.  She's not done yet, but an opinion is needed.  My girlfriend loves the Lil' witches.  My daughter loves Skinny witch (both of them are skinny).  Do you have an opinion?  Let me know.  I still have to dress her, add shoes, etc. But I wanted you to see her before I added all the embellishments.  By the way her nose is purple (like her lipstick) and does not stick out, it is flush with her face.


  1. I like the skinny witch doll. You are so talented.

  2. They are wonderful and I find myself smiling while looking at your 'witches'! How wonderful is it to make people smile!!! You're doing good, girl!!! Hugs, Lynda