Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saturday Night Party

My girlfriend Phyllis and her husband Fred have the most interesting friends.  One couple travel all around the world, one couple own a restaurant and Andrew is a Costume designer and sewer.  He brought in the costume for us to see.  He and a friend are going to be singing Dancing Queen as part of a tribute to Mamma Mia.  The costume is extraordinary.  He put a pocket in the sleeves for money, cards or anything else to have the personal items available.  Imagine. . . how clever.  His costume is opposite black & white sequins. Saturday night was so much fun, I closed the house down. . . no not too many mimosa's.  Blessings, Janet


  1. Dear Jan,

    When I was at the Southern Lady Gala in Savannah I sat by a sweet lady who told us where she lived, etc., (West Palm, Fl) and that she loved quilting. After we got to talking she told me about a bus trip that she took and how she visited the quilt shop in my town with her quilting group. I knew instantly that you had to be on the same bus trip from her description. Well of course now I can't remember her name but I told her about YOU and that your name was Jan... she said there wasn't a Jan, but there was a Joan.. I said no I am sure it is Jan - anywho I finally thought well maybe I am wrong (I am 50 now you know) ;-) and I thought well maybe it is "Joan" but thinking, no no I KNOW it is Jan! (heehee) So I wrote on a piece of paper a note to you.... so IF one of your group members hands you a note, or tries to hand a note to a "Joan" that would be from ME and it is for YOU... what a small world!! Promise me that if you ever come back my way to let me know so that you can come here.


  2. Hello Janet... Come by the blog please and see whats up :)