Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17, 1960

Today I would have been married 51 years. Yes, I was a child bride.  The First Baptist Church downtown Bloomington, Il is where I was married.  Mom and daddy sure look young.  My Sister, Bonnie, was very young. The best man is driving the car Monte Quinn.  Sharon Phelan was the maid of honor.  Everyone is still alive, except hubby, Mel; his parents and my mom.  Mel passed July 2001.  Blessings, Janet



Mel and Jan Wilcox        

Parents: Clarence and Margurite Wilcox
Richard and Erma Warrick

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  1. Janet these are wonderful photos ~ Wonderful memories and like Bob Hope used to say "Thanks for the memories" ~ Have great weekend ~ ^_^