Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pickity Place, Nutting Hill Road, Mason NH

Monday, June 6 Jeanine and I went to a place where the wolf is in Grandma's bed in Grandma's house. Little Red Riding Hood is no where to be found.  The grounds are beautiful, they grow their own herbs, and the butterflies are abundant.  The 5-course luncheon was delicious.  We had Tomato Herb Spread, Parmesan Herb Bread, Creamy Broccoli w/Smoked Gouda soup; Spinach Flan w/Carmalized Vidalia Onions; Sesame Green Beans and for dessert Strawberry and Chocolate Custard Tart.  The Mocha coffee was a terrific after luncheon drink.  To drink with the luncheon we had Lavender Lemonade.   Judy, Jeanine's friend came with us.
We met a gal who had brought her pet crow with her. He was adorable, I had no idea crows could be so friendly.
Blessings, Janet


  1. Wow, sounds loverly! Especially the crow...what a beautiful experience.
    Oh, finally figured out how to add you to our "Blogs we read" LIST! yEAH!
    love your artwork, too. it was nice meeting you at Molly Movie Night, JKW and look forward to your adventures becoming ours,too! (and oh, the food, how cruel...!LOL!)

  2. Hi Jan- I went there last year. The meal was lovely and I came home with lavender and lemon verbena to dry and use. I played with the resident kitties and even had my picture taken with one. (Sage and Thyme). Loved the history and the little museum.