Friday, January 27, 2017

Horse Barn, Corral, Water Trough at Sunrise

I used watercolor again, I am determined to master this. I also used Prisma ink pen. This was a fun picture and I am gradually getting 'it.'  I think it's called . . . practice, practice, practice.

Thank you so much Eva and Kristin for hosting this wonderful, artful place. . . Paint Party Friday.
And, Thank you for all your comments. They give me hope and promise. . and great advice.

A few of my photos this week:
Birds and squirrels waiting.
This little guy decided to eat while sitting on top of the Pelican.
The purple house in the back looks like a bird house,
I've seen a squirrel in it.
 This Squirrel grabbed his peanut and found a sitting place
where an old limb had been cut off the tree. . .perfect spot.
 Three Squirrels hanging around taking turns.
 Three Birds taking turns with the Squirrels.
 Four Squirrels hanging around.
 Six Birds ready for Breakfast.
You’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else.


  1. I think watercolor in particular is pretty tricky, it always seems to have a mind of it's own, but you absolutely have the right attitude...keep on playing, experimenting, practicing until you feel at ease with it.

  2. Yes, I would like to improve my watercolour skills too in 2017

  3. I, myself, have not tried watercolors...I use acrylics. I feel that you have given yourself a true challenge and you are winning it Janet!!!
    Art is from the heart and heals the soul.
    Very nice landscape and photos. Thank you for sharing them with us on PPF~


  4. Great barn painting. Also love the pelican sculpture.

  5. Love your photos of the squirrel ~ watercolor is cute ~ keep playing ~

    Wishing you a Happy and Fun weekend ~ ^_^

  6. I think you are doing great. I tried some water color pencils the other day and well just say I didn't go very well. I love this barn. Thank you for your prayers and blessing.

  7. I totally forgot to mention how much I like these photos of your yard pets. The squirrels are just too cute.

  8. how cool is that; we both carried tree trunk photos this weekend.
    Nice water colour

    much love...

  9. Sweet post! Love the barn and the squirrels, and that pelican is wonderful :)

  10. Barns are such fun to paint. Yours is the perfect barn color. Beautiful sky. I love the way you did the rays. (Why is the horse on top of the barn?)