Friday, February 3, 2017

Prismacolor Pencils and Burnishing . . . Squirrels and Horses

I completed about 8 ACEO cards that I decided to keep so that I can determine what I want in my future. The yellow sports car was one of them. I used Prismacolor pencils . . .My friend talked to me about burnishing. So I looked it up and used it for the first of the ACEO cards. I like the outcome of it. I will do this to a few more later.

Thank you Kristin and Eva for hosting a most wonderful, exciting and learning experience in our Art World with the weekly Paint Party Friday website.

The Squirrels are at it again. Hard time finding unsalted peanuts in a shell. My little one is pg with baby(s). I don't want her ankles to swell.
 I saw the horses in the pasture and began talking to them. . .the beige one usually comes to see me and I pet her. . .the Brown one came this time.
 No way did the Brown horse what to share me with the Beige horse. So I was able to pet and give attention to the brown one. . .Horse Whisperer.
 We've had a few good sunny warm days this winter. We were all sitting outside when we heard a loud noise (no idea what it was). The birds flew flittering away and the squirrel ran up the tree chittering away. . .in fear. Caught him on a cut off branch.
 Every morning I feed the squirrels and the birds. In the background looks like a purple bird house, however, I've seen a squirrel in it.
 Gracie is a Blue Russian cat. . .a very different cat than I've ever known. She is on top of the curio cabinet. . .way up high. She belongs across the courtyard from me.
 Close up of my Darling girl. She is happy with the peanuts. . . . . .
 . . . she is on the iron work on my patio . . I thought she was facing out, nope she was facing my bedroom looking in. . .does my poor pg. gal need some advice. She is so adorable. Want to see her babies when she has them. Not sure where her nest is.
 Her is the brown horse up close and person. I love being able to talk to them and pet them.
Some walks you have to take alone. ~ S Collins


  1. Love your car drawing this week. You have made nice friends with the local animals. I hope all goes well with the birthing! have a good week.

  2. How adorable squirrel! I hope you can catch some photos of the babies! :oD

  3. Really well drawn car! I hope it materializes for you as you wish! Fun seeing all your animal friends too! Have another creative week!

  4. Love the car, wouldn't mind it in real, either! Great photos of your furry friends, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. Hello Janet, that yellow sports car would be just the thing to zip around in... no wonder you're keeping it as a reminder! Thanks for the tip about burnishing, I looked it up and shall give it a try :D)
    I hope you can find the pg squirrel's nest, it'd be lovely to see the babies! Cheerio for now :D)

  6. great arr and I love the squirrel. :)

  7. I love working with Prismacolors, and yes, burnishing gives a nice result. That's a good-looking sports car :-) How nice to be surrounded by all those animals!

  8. I like your yellow sportscar. I have a friend who has a VW Note, which he calls Mustard something. It is a small sports car convertible. How do you know the squirrel is pregnant? Can you get that close to her to tell? It sounds like you have acclimated to OK very nicely. (Maybe missing FL in the winter cold???)

  9. Impressive yellow adorable. Changed from the yellow cottage!! Love your squirrel they are so fun to watch and the close up of the horse is awesome too!! Looks like all the animals have a friend in you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Cute yellow car! Love the animal photos, especially that last close-up!

  11. The yellow sports car is so cute. It will be such fun when the baby squirrels are born, you are really looking after mommy!
    Happy PPF