Friday, May 15, 2009

Butterflies and Fabric

I have been busy crocheting all those lovely butterflies.  There are 9, however, two of them have boo-boos and 7 of them are ready for applique or to use as doilies (5 are included here).  I am becoming more familiar with the pattern than I did in 1976.  
I am so excited about receiving my fabric from Sawyer Brook.  The possibilities are endless. I see the colors and can feel the fabric.  She is having a subscriber offer on her website now
Also on her website if you go to Community - The Savvy Sewer Salon - check out The Fashion Show. A new fashion designer show that is taking over my time.  Project Runway was excellent, however, it has been off for over a year.  Isaac Mizrahi is hosting the show and it is brilliant with a unique and fast paced show. I am riveted to every scene.  See what everyone is saying about this fantastic new show.   The Bravo channel also has a lot of information about the show, about each designer and a blog.  This is information to help watch the show.  The most important issue is that we get to see Isaac, Kelly and Fern as judges discuss the designers and their creation which gives us an insight to how the judges actually think.  Very well done.
Have a great week.  Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Jan!

    Love those crocheted butterflies. So you applique them on something? Did I understand it?

    I collect crocheted pieces and have applied them before....

    Will check out the Fashion show too...

    love, kelee p.s. thank-you for your comments