Monday, May 18, 2009


I was a bit startled by their response. They love coming to my house.  They always get a standing ovation.  One UPS gal said, I've never seen anyone so happy to see me.  I'm happy and my little Muggins is happy.  Cannot ask for more than that.

Sewing guild is always fun and a learning experience.  We all share URLs, stories and show and tell is fabulous.  There are so many talented people and everyone one of us says, 'how can I possibly follow that?'  We have heirloom sewers, children's dresses, baby quilts for charity and and so much more.  I brought my crochet butterflies.  A lot of these ladies have embroidery machines.  They kept asking me several times, you did that by hand!  Umm, yeah!  I told them I do not have an embroidery machine!  One gal showed us smocking that had been done on a machine.  However, I was sitting by a gal that was smocking a children's dress by hand right then.  Both projects were excellent.  The fabric postcard class was excellent, she had a hand-out and detailed how to put it together with tips and tricks.  She also showed us what she had made using the basic postcard idea. She had picture frames (do this w/o glass); the top of a box with picture; cute little bag using 14 4 inch squares (made like the postcard) and a cell phone holder and change purse. Excellent teaching.  We also learned about two new charities. One of which is for circus animals in central FL. Fascinating story, I will contact the lady and give you more information.
We are about half now because the seasonal adoptees went back north.  But our Laura of Laura's Sewing and Vac is wonderfully thinking of those of us left behind by lining up great programs and teachers for July and August.  We are looking forward to those classes.
Two of the gals went to the largest sewing store in FL - Rainbow.  This is already part of our July bus trip to the west coast of FL.  I can see that I should have more than one credit card in hand and my first born when I go shopping there.  I'll start making a list. . . right! and stick to it, right!!!
I have to open that package now.  Blessings,


  1. As long as firstborn doesn't mean firstborn grandson! :O

  2. Then I guess you won't be coming with me? :-)