Saturday, May 23, 2009



Kelee at the had a guest blogger last week.  I felt that my painting may go behind her leopard print setee just perfect.  What do you think?  At present it is above my bed.  One day I would like to visit Paris.

 I am trying to update a wardrobe full of 'work' clothes to 'going out to guild' clothes.  My first try at this was to take my 'older' stretch top and attach my 'too long older' skirt.  As soon as I lose a bit of weight, OK a lot of weight, it appears that it will look pretty good.  I have about 
4 other way too long skirts that I need to purchase matching (color) tops.
I completed the crochet girl and will be putting it up at a later time.
Thank you. 


  1. Hi Jan!! I do believe you are right about the painting!
    LOVE it! Good eye kiddo....pop by-- Oliver needs your help!

    love, kelee

  2. Outfit is very artsy ~ go for it!