Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crochet Lady

I did find one of the old crochet books.  However, there were no girls in it.  I did find a new friend on line Cylinda at Crochet Memories.  I was able to purchase the patterns, download (no shipping), and begin crocheting the lovely lady that day (I use Paypal).  Cylinda introduced herself and she is there to help.  YIKES, patterns are for experienced.  Not me!  I know my way around a crochet butterfly, but a pattern like this (I bought 4 and one of them has 6 ladies in a doily circle). I completed one of the 6 in one day.  Try it, you aren't as inexperienced as you think you are.  SHH-secret, the stitches are not that different from pattern to pattern.  YAY!  Concentration is the key.  She is here for you to see.  Crochet Memories has many other patterns.  Peruse the site and choose your favorite.  The customer service is fantastic and you can get started immediately.  I will use these lovelies as I do the butterflies -- applique.  I hope I am helping you with your shopping as it is too difficult for me to find anything in the stores in my area.  These shops and people I am finding are phenomenal. 
Thank you for stopping by.

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