Friday, June 26, 2009

Crocheted Dress

This may be a doll, I have not decided whether to keep the dress as a dress or to add the doll parts. The parts are to be cardboard, although it looks fine in the book, not sure if I want to use paper or use the dress as an applique for later. It has been interesting the looks I have come up with from the doll book.
The landscapers are finished, I have a big space which may be filled with a palm and grass, YAY!
I have practiced using stencils and made a couple of amazing doll faces. Then I used a rubbing plate and the paintsticks. Pretty neat designs. I am looking forward to the class Sat. My appetizer is in the refrigerator waiting to be put together first thing before going to guild meeting -- installation of officers and bring a dish. Then the class.. .. should be a very full and wonderful day tomorrow.
Soccer on Sunday. USA will play for the FIFA title against Brazil. Should be a really good game.
Have a great weekend.

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