Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inside Out Bag

Since I have electricity in the sewing room, I have been busy. A gal at Bee decided she didn't want to continue making dolls and has given me a lot of her 'doll' stuff including some of here unfinished dolls. Well, I don't follow directions well, so, guess what, Wild Art Dolls coming up.
One gal has lavender, pink, yellow, well, you have the idea hair. And she really is adorable. . . pix later. I am half way through with the 2 dolls I had started and the naked girl has clothes (she was given to me by an older lady that didn't know what to do with a naked doll). Yikes when they find out you are the 'doll' lady . . . Having such a good time with it though.
My main project that was on hold because I could not find 1/4 inch black ruffle lace (and I still haven't, but did not want to hold up the project any longer) has been almost completed. I am anxious to show you and see what you think about it -- another tie bag. The original tie was beige, however, when I took it apart, I loved the inside better. So I made the bag from the inside of the tie and used the broad tip (right side out) as the closing flap (I have it arranged a bit different so you can see the colors in the beige tie. This is a Prince Igor tie. . . um Goodwill!!
Thanks for the visit. Let me know how you feel about the inside and/or outside use of the tie.

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