Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sewing up a storm - YAY!

I have another bag done and one about completed. Look and see if you can find the cats. Ties are so much fun to play with. Linda makes dolls with her finds. Although I make dolls, that is one doll I haven't tried yet.
I first began making these tie bags because I have my daddy's old (favorite) tie that he left when visiting about 15 years ago. I keep it hung over my my bedroom mirror. I have been thinking all this time how to make it into something I can use. I love the idea of the tie bags. Now that I have started it is so much fun finding different kinds of thrift ties and completing them. I am still unsure of cutting his tie up, wherein a doll would cause so cutting.
I attended the First ASG Flea Market at Laura's Sew and Vac in the Gardens yesterday. What fun. I love the social part and to see what everyone is giving up. I did purchase silver embroidery hoops (hard to find nowadays) for my hand embroidery; a pillowcase doll to make and embroidery; and a couple of rooster patterns.
Thanks for looking.

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  1. Love your bags! Way to go, Janet ~ I have busy with mermaid making & company from Florida ~

    Hugs & namaste ~ C