Sunday, January 27, 2008

A New Year

I began my New Year with cataract surgery. After I got home I thought someone had painted my living room. No way had I lived with this horrible color all these years (the living room is in the center of the condo and very dark . . . a 60w bulb does not light it, by the time I had a 100w bulb my vision was dim and I naturally thought it was beige). Go figure, surgery took the shadows out of my eye.

I have finished all 5 'cat' dolls. I have a family of them now and a new boy and a girl in town ready to pounce -- which will give Frankie and Jazzy's mom and dad grief. They will be up on the website soon.

I am unable to read as of yet, so my next project will have to be something I am familiar with enough that I don't need to study it. I was so anxious to get back to dolls, I took up knitting those easy dish cloths after the 3rd day. . .those are pretty simple. I made 4 in two days. My eye was not ready for it, but whatever.

It appears that if the vision doesn't improve the doctor will have to 'snip' the stitch. . .that sounds gruesome. The operation didn't hurt, so I guess. . . . .

Have a great new year in 2008 and may all your projects be completed and your dreams become reality.

Thank you,