Friday, July 18, 2008

Christopher Nejman Seminar

The most fun I have had at a seminar - Ever. We sang, we danced, and we learned. What an unbeatable combination. I danced and won first prize - 'Christopher Nejman Pillows.' He is an artist, a designer, and so very talented. We left him knowing West Palm Beach knows how to throw a party.

I have been designing my own doll from the beginning and taking apart a Bendi and making her my own.

Daddy will be 92 this July 31. He is doing fine and enjoying life. He walks, does puzzles, reads and loves to go for waffles. My sister Bonnie takes very good care of him and makes sure he gets his waffling. I tell him he's going to turn into a waffle. I have a feeling he thinks he already has. His picture is in a previous post (91 year old Daddy).

Happy days and God Bless.