Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vero Beach Quilt Show


Friday members from the Palm Beach quilt guild went to the Sunbonnet Sue Quilters show in Vero Beach. We stopped at a quilt shop in Stuart (Jam Patch) and to Vero to lunch on the beach. The quilt show had a Hoffman 2008 exhibit (Peacock) and that makes me feel most inferior. The portrait of the gentleman was from the Vero guild. What can be done with quilting is amazing to me. Everyone was so friendly and the vendors were top of the line.

I took two of my 'Tarts' to meet Floozie (see picture). Barbara, owner of Flamingo Island Designs, has quite a cute story ongoing about Floozie, the Flamingo. We had to be satisfied with a picture of all of us next to the wall hanging of Floozie -- Floozie was noshing on fish in the lunch area. The adventures of Floozie can be followed by signing up for her newsletter.

I take my time to absorb everything, talk to everyone and have the time of my life. The ladies on the bus are more experienced and don't dawdle.. .. therefore they were ready to go early and I missed some of the best vendors and 'deals.' But we all had a very fun day and as soon as my surgery (Cataract) heals, I'll be back at it.

Thank you for stopping in. God Bless.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Face Painting Class


The dolls I make need to be as artful and beautiful and different as I can make them. So a lot of quilt and doll makers attended the class on Sunday at Laura's Sew and Vac in Palm Beach Gardens. Bonnie McCaffery taught the class. Originally the class was meant for quilters to add to their quilting experience. We doll makers climbed on the wagon and away we went. It was difficult painting on fabric, but the results are amazing and with practice I will be better at it. She taught us a way to use our own photographs through Photoshop.

I have included a picture of some of the doll makers (some are quilters) that were present. Ms. McCaffery and the doll maker holding the painted picture is me.

If you look closely, even though it was the day after Valentines day, Laura and her husband Dave gave each of us a red rose and a heart shaped box of chocolates. Ummm, I guess maybe you won't see the heart shaped box of chocolates.

We are always treated so special every time we are at Laura's. Laura wants to provide us with the best educational experiences and we are off to a really big start with Bonnie McCaffery. Thanks Laura and Dave.

Tomorrow is the bus trip to the Vero Beach quilt show. I will get to meet Floozie (from Flamingo Island Designs) for the first time. The 'oldies but goodies doll' Tarts will enjoy meeting her I'm sure.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

County Fair January 2009

I have been missing, but I have been in action. I have scheduled a lot of things so that I can relax after cataract surgery the end of February. The fair was so fun and selling raffle tickets for our beautiful basket of flowers (appliqued, embroidered and quilted) was fun and exciting and exhausting but. . .it turned very very cold in south Florida. So cold our famers lost a lot of fruits and vegetables.

My second week I saw the most beautiful white rooster, but he was napping when by the time I was off my shift. The most exciting part of being at the far was the Alabama Gang (Nascar's Old timers) Bobby and Donny Allison and Red Farmer. What a great bunch. It was so much fun meeting them and talking with them. My camera gave out so only have 1 picture.

We had apron lessons at the senior center taught by Lorraine and a show and tell of a very vintage apron that Charlene had found. Both are very great friends.

I'll be back to tell about the face painting class most of the doll group took at Laura's Sew & Vac in Palm Beach Gardens.
Thanks for Stopping by. God Bless. Jan

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy February

Larraine and I went to Edna Hibel's 91st Birthday party at her museum in mid-January. Ms. Hibel is very talented, both as painter and also as a doll-maker.

I took a picture of a flower in the bushes outside my front door January 23, 2009. This is truly paradise, although the temps are to be in the 20s tonight not sure about windchill.

I will have more pictures of the fair that just ended Sunday, Feb. 1.

February will prove to be a very busy time.

Thank you for reading and God Bless,