Friday, August 30, 2013

Yellow House

I am back in the Pastels. I love to use them.  I am also still looking for my Yellow Cottage. The house has a porch and swing. . .shrubs and flowers.  I also use Prismacolor pens for outlining.

Be sure to visit the other Paint Party Friday artists. There are lessons to learn and they are all good teachers using new art supplies, tutorials, and videos.  Thanks to Eva and Kristen for putting on a great party.


Friday, August 23, 2013


I drew him from a picture I had taken at the canal.  He is Prismacolor pencil and pen and acrylic.

Look at the wonderful artists who come play at Paint Party Friday.  There is a variety of art and artists to give you inspiration and teaching showing the newest art supplies.. .. .. from ACEO's to Journals. It's fun and inspirational and you'll learn so much.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ducks Playground

My first attempt the grass didn't look right. I decided to keep trying to make it look like grass. I wanted to keep it primitive looking.

 This is my attempt to keep it primitive and yet to show the grass in tufts as it is. I used Prismacolor pencils, acrylics, Pitt pens and color Prismacolor pens.

This is the picture of the ducklings I used.

Paint Party Friday put on by Eva and Kristin is fun. A lot more artists keep joining us. There is a variety of art and lessons to be enjoyed. Please visit the other artists and see how varied we all are.

Friday, August 9, 2013


I take pictures of squirrels (and birds) when I walk. This one was sitting just watching, but as soon as I got too close, off he ran.  I decided to make him into an ACEO.

I thank Kristin and Eva for hosting the Paint Party Friday group of fantastic artists. This blog keeps us on our toes and keeps us creative. I am proud to be part of very talented artists. Check them out, there are how to videos, step by step directions and many new art supplies to try.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Yellow Cottage from a different perspective

I am always drawing a Yellow Cottage by the water.
That is and has been my dream. I used Prismacolor pencils.
 I have tried a different perspective of it.
I knitted a Yellow Cottage. I will be adding flowers, a door knob, 
either shutters or slats on the windows.
The front has the red door. I haven't decided if I will make it a purse or a pillow. The green at the bottom is grass. The flowers will be embroidered. It is a fun project.

It's all art. I love the aspect of painting with yarn. I intend to make more houses, but making landscapes, etc. pictures/pillows.

Paint Party Friday is a fun, entertaining, serious, great bunch of artists celebrating their art with you. Join the party or just visit . . . you will always have the opportunity to learn something.