Friday, May 29, 2009

Crochet Lady II and No Power

I have another crochet lady completed, along with silver flowers -- left over thread from my silver butterflies.  I have been crocheting because my sewing room has no power.  The electrician came and couldn't find it. So it will be OUT until next week.  In the meantime, I keep busy, but worry about deadlines and gifts I was going to take to IL.
We have had dreadful, soaking, flooding rains in all of FL.  However, since the rain was desperately needed, and now it isn't, would someone convey that to the hurricanes for this season.
Kelee's pups Sir Oliver Wendell has lost his tail and needs help. Oliver is having a contest decorating his DZIGNER-DOG "Play Strong" scarves.  Go see Oliver's love story and participate in helping him.  ((Hugs))

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crochet Lady

I did find one of the old crochet books.  However, there were no girls in it.  I did find a new friend on line Cylinda at Crochet Memories.  I was able to purchase the patterns, download (no shipping), and begin crocheting the lovely lady that day (I use Paypal).  Cylinda introduced herself and she is there to help.  YIKES, patterns are for experienced.  Not me!  I know my way around a crochet butterfly, but a pattern like this (I bought 4 and one of them has 6 ladies in a doily circle). I completed one of the 6 in one day.  Try it, you aren't as inexperienced as you think you are.  SHH-secret, the stitches are not that different from pattern to pattern.  YAY!  Concentration is the key.  She is here for you to see.  Crochet Memories has many other patterns.  Peruse the site and choose your favorite.  The customer service is fantastic and you can get started immediately.  I will use these lovelies as I do the butterflies -- applique.  I hope I am helping you with your shopping as it is too difficult for me to find anything in the stores in my area.  These shops and people I am finding are phenomenal. 
Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, May 23, 2009



Kelee at the had a guest blogger last week.  I felt that my painting may go behind her leopard print setee just perfect.  What do you think?  At present it is above my bed.  One day I would like to visit Paris.

 I am trying to update a wardrobe full of 'work' clothes to 'going out to guild' clothes.  My first try at this was to take my 'older' stretch top and attach my 'too long older' skirt.  As soon as I lose a bit of weight, OK a lot of weight, it appears that it will look pretty good.  I have about 
4 other way too long skirts that I need to purchase matching (color) tops.
I completed the crochet girl and will be putting it up at a later time.
Thank you. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Crochet Magazines

While I was looking for the old crochet magazines, I found a picture from my 25th anniversary.  My picture was from my college graduation party (Illinois State University) and it was put together with a picture of  my husband who is since deceased. He had it done by a photography studio (no PC's then - 1985). The reason I wanted to share it with you (yes I look a lot younger) is that it is a different way of using photography that embraces the subjects. 

I know those darn crochet books are around her somewhere but I have looked so many places and cannot find them. I am looking for a vintage crochet doll that would be appliqued not stuffed as my other dolls are.

Let me share what the UPS guy got a standing ovation for.  My fairy fabric.  YAY!    Thank you for reading

Monday, May 18, 2009


I was a bit startled by their response. They love coming to my house.  They always get a standing ovation.  One UPS gal said, I've never seen anyone so happy to see me.  I'm happy and my little Muggins is happy.  Cannot ask for more than that.

Sewing guild is always fun and a learning experience.  We all share URLs, stories and show and tell is fabulous.  There are so many talented people and everyone one of us says, 'how can I possibly follow that?'  We have heirloom sewers, children's dresses, baby quilts for charity and and so much more.  I brought my crochet butterflies.  A lot of these ladies have embroidery machines.  They kept asking me several times, you did that by hand!  Umm, yeah!  I told them I do not have an embroidery machine!  One gal showed us smocking that had been done on a machine.  However, I was sitting by a gal that was smocking a children's dress by hand right then.  Both projects were excellent.  The fabric postcard class was excellent, she had a hand-out and detailed how to put it together with tips and tricks.  She also showed us what she had made using the basic postcard idea. She had picture frames (do this w/o glass); the top of a box with picture; cute little bag using 14 4 inch squares (made like the postcard) and a cell phone holder and change purse. Excellent teaching.  We also learned about two new charities. One of which is for circus animals in central FL. Fascinating story, I will contact the lady and give you more information.
We are about half now because the seasonal adoptees went back north.  But our Laura of Laura's Sewing and Vac is wonderfully thinking of those of us left behind by lining up great programs and teachers for July and August.  We are looking forward to those classes.
Two of the gals went to the largest sewing store in FL - Rainbow.  This is already part of our July bus trip to the west coast of FL.  I can see that I should have more than one credit card in hand and my first born when I go shopping there.  I'll start making a list. . . right! and stick to it, right!!!
I have to open that package now.  Blessings,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Butterfly added to old purse

I will be attending a craft show today with my girlfriend.  I thought I would take my latest project to show her. Instead of taking one with me, I decided to quickly tack it onto an old small purse I have just to show what can be accomplished with my new crocheted Butterflies. The gold thread running through it is not noticeable in the scan but gives it a distinct appearance.  I will also take it to the Sewing Guild meeting on Monday afternoon for show and tell.
Have a great Sunday.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Butterflies and Fabric

I have been busy crocheting all those lovely butterflies.  There are 9, however, two of them have boo-boos and 7 of them are ready for applique or to use as doilies (5 are included here).  I am becoming more familiar with the pattern than I did in 1976.  
I am so excited about receiving my fabric from Sawyer Brook.  The possibilities are endless. I see the colors and can feel the fabric.  She is having a subscriber offer on her website now
Also on her website if you go to Community - The Savvy Sewer Salon - check out The Fashion Show. A new fashion designer show that is taking over my time.  Project Runway was excellent, however, it has been off for over a year.  Isaac Mizrahi is hosting the show and it is brilliant with a unique and fast paced show. I am riveted to every scene.  See what everyone is saying about this fantastic new show.   The Bravo channel also has a lot of information about the show, about each designer and a blog.  This is information to help watch the show.  The most important issue is that we get to see Isaac, Kelly and Fern as judges discuss the designers and their creation which gives us an insight to how the judges actually think.  Very well done.
Have a great week.  Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Addendum to Where are all. . . .

In my last post I wrote about the 'old school' and what we had then.  I also forgot before that period of time, there were catalogs and mail.  I found an old friend on line, Herrschners. They have exactly the crochet thread and colors I've been looking for.
Back in the day, I joined a fabric club.  They would send me fabric samples where I could feel the material and see the colors.  Sawyer Brook has fabric samples.  
Two places, one an old friend, and one a new friend.  If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.
Thank you. God Bless

Where are all the fabric shops?

I am from the 'old school' of making dresses for my two daughters, shirts and robes for my husband and clothes for me including coats (IL in 1960s-1980s).  There were always at least two fabric shops in town (med-small town).  And of course, who could forget the DIME STORE!
Now I live in a huge metropolitan area. Walmart 'had' fabric and trimmings, Rag Shop 'was' fantastic, and now the only game in town is JoAnn's.  I have two big projects I am working on with deadlines and no embellishments, no hardware accoutrements, and very, very little variety. Another project includes crochet thread, in particular I was searching for crochet #10 in multi-colors (they have one - red, white, green. I purchased it and am crocheting a butterfly - YIKES, remember the red and green awful tasting frosting that got all over you when you ate it?. . . . well. . . that's what it looks like when I crochet with it. I keep looking at my hands thinking, it's getting all over them).  Not acceptable. Another fabric I saw on one of the blogs is the Mod-Forest.  Wonders, they did have it - ONE- white background.  They cannot order it without a skew # and that's a maybe if they would get it in anyway.  Who orders for them? The say, 'we have to take what is delivered!'  What happened to pleasing the customer?
What happened to more stores/competition?  We have a huge sewing group/guild here (ASG) and no fabric stores to speak of?  I know the economy is weak, however, that's when people sew more.  I do not expect that in a metropolitan area with many large cities surrounding something like this would happen.  There is nothing within too many miles to go searching.  Miami is not an option -- not with my directionless wit.  I am so thankful I have Internet. Stores and companies should not wonder why we don't shop in their stores.  Cut back, don't give us what we want and guess what, we have long memories!
Does anyone else have these issues?  Are there any answers? Moving is not an option, I live in 
Thanks for stopping by.
God Bless.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Catching up with Pictures

Pictures!!  I ordered and received in April the most gorgeous antique Rooster and Hen salt and pepper shakers from Sew Graceful.   Mary is a treat to know and her selection of fabric and other items is unique and her website is fun to peruse.  

Something else I received is a doll that I found on Ebay that is identical to my first doll at 5 years old.  A problem is her eyes look like cataracts have invaded. I identify with her and understand the blindness that comes with that issue.  Thank God I had successful surgery in both eyes. Now I have to fix my doll's eyes.

I wanted to show you the One-Tie bag the Sewing Guild loved and wants me to teach a class.

Something I finished over the weekend watching Nascar (I get so much done with the race on) is a 1976 butterfly pattern.  I had made at least 1/2 dozen then. I am beginning again, only this time I will use them as appliques instead of doilies.  It is so fun getting back to my roots. 

Have a great week, Happy May.
God Bless and thanks for the visit.