Friday, October 30, 2009

Majority does not rule

I graduated from Illinois State University.  My Logic professor was adamant that 'the majority always rules.'  I would love to talk with him now.  I felt that was a wrong sentence, but could never prove it until 8 years ago and today.  Condo living is restricting.  I cannot have a puppy or a garden.  If I want them, I will move. However, our condo association planted a row of landscape and gave everyone the chance to air their opinions.  I published here on the blog the finished product.  After completion of the landscaping, 6 people didn't like it.  They came up with a 'doctors note' that they were allergic to it.  Why would anyone move to Florida if they are that allergic to anything?  Out of 134  (most of which love the new plantings), the landscape came out. Where are you professor??  There is a before and after (pretty barren).
I am also including my door buddy - Ms Bewitched.
Blessings, Janet

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gift from Aunt Pitty Pat

Remember the Halloween Apron Swap? There was a give-a-way afterward.  I WON!  Aunt Pitty Pat's is a fun place to visit and her swaps are amazing.  She sent a Halloween apron with the cutest witches and amazing - the ties go all the way around and I can tie it in front YAY!  The fat quarters and Moda squares are inspiring.  She has so much going on that I would have to take a nap before I could tell all about it.  You won't be disappointed when you visit her.  Oh, and then there is her Pitty - an adorable pups.  The looks that Pitty gives us, well, you can clearly see what's on Pitty's mind.  Thank you so much Aunt Pitty Pat. . I enjoy all of your gifts.

Monday, October 26, 2009

South Beach

Birthday Celebration Friday night at the International Auto Show.  Six of us went to the show and we all picked out 'our' car.  I love the 4-door Porsche.  Imagine!  The Stingray wasn't too bad either.  There were very few antique autos but the Batmobile - See picture.  After the show, we walked to Lincoln Road and ate at NEXXT Cafe.  The crab cakes were so good.  We got home around 1:30 a.m.  South Beach is a different world. People watching was entertaining. The art deco buildings are fabulous, however, seeing the Apple icon on one of them was a bit disconcerting.  Ah, the old and the new.
Saturday the Quilt guild appreciation luncheon and class after with Barb of Flamingo Island Designs. Floozie was at the park visiting her friends. The class was about making a fabric picture using applique technique.  Very interesting and informative. She is full of great ideas and tidbits on what to do and how to do it.  I was able to take my new machine the Janome DC2010 I purchased at Laura's Sew and Vac. You can catch a glimpse of her new web site.
Sunday was a craft show.  My chance to show the pillow I made for Phyllis and Fred that matches the bows.  They loved it.  She asked for bows, but they also received a pillow decorated with one of my crochet butterflies, just because.
So far I've had a great 3 day weekend.  But it's not over.  I won the drawing at Aunt Pitty Pats because I was in the Apron Swap.  Take a look and see what I won. I guess, maybe I'll carry my birthday celebration all year long - why not?  Everyone sure is cooperating.  My sister called Sunday night and I was able to talk to Daddy (93 and witty as ever).  What a wonderful world and so many wonderful people in it.
Blessings, Janet


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saturday Night Party

My girlfriend Phyllis and her husband Fred have the most interesting friends.  One couple travel all around the world, one couple own a restaurant and Andrew is a Costume designer and sewer.  He brought in the costume for us to see.  He and a friend are going to be singing Dancing Queen as part of a tribute to Mamma Mia.  The costume is extraordinary.  He put a pocket in the sleeves for money, cards or anything else to have the personal items available.  Imagine. . . how clever.  His costume is opposite black & white sequins. Saturday night was so much fun, I closed the house down. . . no not too many mimosa's.  Blessings, Janet

New Bag

My girlfriend had tickets to the Thursday Gals night out by a local radio station.  We had a lite supper at my house, my daughter's recipe for Tuna salad is a bit better than Russo's.  Oh yes, it is.  Sliced apples and CHAI iced tea.  I gave her a present - Just Because.  Next up are pictures of her Saturday night party. Blessings, Janet

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jessica's Apron Received

Jessica, my swap partner at Aunt Pitty Pats sent my beautiful apron and gifts.  By the way Aunt Pitty Pat has a great new way to weigh ourselves.  Won't hurt a bit. Go check it out. Link above.
I love that Jessica made her first apron for me.  It is creative, colorful with a mix and match that looks fabulous. Thank you Jessica.  The hand embroidery blew me away.  I love the hand arts. The frame and the card. . . OK, this gal makes great scrapbooks. Even the box had BOO on it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Apron

I sent my swap apron this week and she has received it.  Now I can post it. I took a panel and made it my own design.  It is more couture Halloween than spooky.  I hope she likes it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Barbie Took Over

I have two huge Halloween challenges that has taken up my time. Both projects  have come along to the point that I went back to the skinny witch. . . where did she go?  Uh-Oh, Barbie was here!  Look what she did to the Prim Witch!!!  Little Primmy got lonesome and invited a friend.  Umph, some friend.  She thinks she's beautiful. . . Yikes!  Now I will just have to deal.  She's so happy to be a purple (somewhat) faerie.  I cannot deny her. Don't turn your back for a minute on your dolls.  They do what they please anyway, but watch who their friends are. . . Enjoy - she is beginning to grow on me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good Read

I just finished reading an excellent book. The Sidewalk Artist by Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk. It has a the essence of a travelogue, ethereal, historic and romance. A most unique read.
My challenge dolls are coming along. I am at the dressmaking stage.  The hair placement will be next. The two gals are quite interesting.  However, I have 4 more dolls waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lil Witch or Skinny Witch

I've been busy with the challenge, but on the side I've made the Skinny Witch.  She's not done yet, but an opinion is needed.  My girlfriend loves the Lil' witches.  My daughter loves Skinny witch (both of them are skinny).  Do you have an opinion?  Let me know.  I still have to dress her, add shoes, etc. But I wanted you to see her before I added all the embellishments.  By the way her nose is purple (like her lipstick) and does not stick out, it is flush with her face.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Embroidery Blog

I just found the most incredible embroidery blog. They are offering a Christmas Freebie every Monday through October and November at Gum Tree Designers.  Be sure and visit and thank them for their generous spirit and beautiful designs.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Lil' Witch Dolls

I can't quit, something is making me sew. . . they are coming out of the woodwork. .  Yikes.
I hope you have enjoyed the Katallac Shack movie of our pets. Kelee does great things for our loved ones. I have to get back to sewing for the challenge - a lot of them are near completion. I can't wait to show them off toward the end of Oct.
Have a great weekend.