Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now I see why Mr. Piggy stayed

Should have figured this one out.


Thanksgiving - Family Style

Debra and Tom (my oldest daughter and son-in-love) with 5 children held the festivities at their place. It was decorated so festively and the food was delicious.  The company was marvelous.  A very wonderful and loving Thanksgiving.  Blessings, Janet

My 2 beautiful daughters Debra & Tambra

Foxy joined us at the table.  She's a pretty girl (the one on the left).

Here we are in the kitchen - hanging out lifting a bite here and there!

Look who caught the camera bug!!

This little piggy. . . .

I have found a piggy wandering around and decided to keep him.  He is no trouble at all and appears to like it here.  He may like the Christmas atmosphere.  Blessings, Janet

Friday, November 19, 2010

More aprons

Once I started, I couldn't quit.  I have one more waiting on the sewing table.  These are fun to design, put together and sew.  Enjoy!
 Blessings, Janet

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Thanksgiving is coming up fast as Fall and the apron celebrates both.  The little scarecrow girl is a tribute to the dolls in my life.  The large pocket will hold more. Let's get ready for Thanksgiving.
Blessings, Janet

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2 New Christmas Dolls

Santa's Sunshine and Happy Christmas are the 2 new gals wishing you all Happy Holidays. They finally decided which pinafore material they wanted me to use.  Merry was adopted and went to her new home. I have heard that she is making someone very happy.  I have also finished 2 scarves which I will show next time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Look what I found out front wondering around

I'm just a lonely boy. . . .

Anybody home?

Gee, where is everybody??

Guess I won't visit today!!!!


Houston International Quilt/Doll Show

I have returned from the show and it was more fabulous than I could ever imagine.  They thought of everything. The disappointment was that I was unable to obtain tickets to the fashion show luncheon. There were free talks each day all day long wherein we all learned so much (there were paid classes in the education wing also.  Not only were there quilt supplies, patterns and fabric, but doll supplies, patterns and fabric, but knitting/crochet supplies, patterns and needles.  There were buttons, jewelry, (sewing, quilting, embroidery and serger machines), a lot of places gave away bags (huge, to carry all our 'stuff'), and scrapbooking supplies (that doubles as fabric painting, sparkles and foiling.
The first quilt shop on the way we visited was Peggy's Heirlooms of Tomorrow Inc. shop in Ocala, FL and they gave me a rousing welcome.  Why?  Because I bought the Quilt DIVA pattern, Amy Bradley design (see 4th picture from top with Peggy and Quilt Diva on wall behind her).  I intend to put Quilt DIVA on the back of a jacket.  I once saw a lady with the Quilt DIVA on the back of her coat.  Very striking! I purchased the pattern and there was a loud yell in the shop, she came around the counter and gave me a special DIVA pin. I wore it every day.  Back later with more on the trip.  Blessings, Janet

Monday, November 1, 2010

Merry Light

Someone popped up in the sewing room and asked to be dressed.  She is one of the little dolls.  She's having fun in the Christmas centerpiece I forgot to put away last Christmas.  She is having fun over there trying to put little holly in her bag. The Christmas spirit is coming in, now if we can just get the radio to play Christmas music Nov. 1.  Yes, Nov. 1, because the quicker we can get to Dec. 1, the quicker hurricane season is over.  I realize in other parts of the country and world, you may not be trying to rush it so much, but ever since we were without power for weeks on end, we are anxious to get those lights on and hear that music.  Blessings, Janet