Friday, April 8, 2016

Ducks, mum and babies and an orphan and more Photographs

 Mum and her 4 ducks. . . and an orphaned baby kitten. All the pictures I've seen lately of different animals coming together and taking care of the little ones is why I painted this one. I used mostly pastels, some Prismacolor pencil and pens. Yes, my yellow cottage is there with a river beside it.

Thanks so much Kristin and Eva for an artists gallery of all kinds of art. Paint Party Friday is definitely a place you can teach, learn and celebrate our Craft.

 My pin dolls. I've used these at times when our group went out and about on trips to unite us ladies. If we get lost going from quilt shop to quilt shop, there is always someone who has seen one of us and can lead us in the right direction to find each other.
 Yesterday there was a baby Anhinga at the canal.
 Fuzzies still on top of his head.
 This picture was my inspiration for my painting this week.
Mum and 5 ducks.
 This big guy Woodstork is one I'm thinking about putting 
on my living room (very bare) wall.
 I was talking to him the whole time and he kept getting closer and closer to me.
He's a big guy.
His close up.
I hope you enjoy my photography too. I enjoy my morning walk and seeing all the birds in my neighborhood.
You are unique, one of a kind, irreplaceable, beautiful.