Thursday, October 29, 2015


Puffins are on the west coast (Oregon) and the east coast (Maine). Prismacolor pencil, Pen, gel pen and Pastels.

Thank you Kristin and Eva for the wonderful fun times at Paint Party Friday for so many artists.

I have not seen a Puffin in person yet. But I love the little darlings.

These past few years, the population of Atlantic puffins has continued decreasing, reaching dramatic cotes (more than 30% of them have disappeared).  Scary. . I would hate to lose them.

Another article.

Puffins and turtle doves now as endangered as African Elephant

Turtle doves and puffins have been added to the international list of the world's most endangered species 

Blessings,  Janet

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Cowboy checking out his Bull

This is my new ACEO card.
PBR finals are all week ending Sunday afternoon on CBS-Sports.  The cowboys are riding and the bulls are rank.  He has hat, chaps, vest, shirt, jeans and boots.

Pastels, Prismacolor pencils and gel pens. This has been a fun genre for me. I enjoy watching the cowboys ride that 8 seconds. The bulls are gorgeous and they know what to do. Pretty smart.

Thank you Eva and Kristin for a wonderful place to be part of all the creativity and artists each Paint Party Friday.

I would love to have celebrated my birthday in Las Vegas for the PBR party. Check the schedule for the rest of the week if you are interested.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Bull-Rider with a Gold Buckle

I watch a lot of bull-riding on PBR, Championship Bull Riding and RODEO. The fellas are pretty young, very talented, having fun, and winning Gold Buckles. The PBR wraps up 2015 next weekend. Usually CBSSports carries both the bull-riding and Rodeo.

I used Prismacolor and Watercolor pencils.

Thank you Eva and Kristin for Paint Party Friday every week where we can show off our creativity and help others by visiting and learning from the best. Be sure to visit the artists.

I am still feeling the effects of the cold. I will try to visit and comment. I appreciate all the comments that I receive. It keeps the joints oiled and the head in 'creativity' mode. Thank you.
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Yellow Cottage, Moon and Rocket Launch

Yellow Cottage
Porch swing is a keeper. Prismacolor Pencils and Pens. . . . a wish, a hope and a dream.  

Thank you Eva and Kristin for Paint Party Friday's.  The fun and creativity begins each week. Be sure and visit all the wonderful artists.

October 2, 2015 NASA launched a rocket. I happen to be walking early in the morning and saw it. The most amazing site. . . truly awesome.

The following day, I took pictures of the moon.  I wanted to share these pictures with you. Always watch the sky, sometimes you get lucky and see the most amazing pictures.

 Rocket Launch (NASA) 10 2 2015
 Picture 2 (between trees)
 Picture 3
 Rocket launched . . . trail below it.
 Moon 10 3 2015
 Thank you for visiting.  I tried to visit as many as I could last week, but was laid up with a cold. . . very unusual for me.
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Friday, October 2, 2015

#23 Wish/Wishful

#23 for September is Wish/Wishful.  As you all know, I am still looking for my yellow cottage. So that I can have a garden of veggies, herbs and flower. The cottage will be by the water and as you can see there are birds everywhere.  The picture at the bottom was clipped from an old calendar.

I used watercolor pencil, Pitt pens, and pan pastels.

Thank you Eva and Kristin for a place to play.. .. Paint Party Friday.  There are so many fine, creative artists to see at this website.
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