Sunday, February 17, 2019

Bookmark. . .Birds Flying and Tree during twilight.

first Book Mark. . . .
 Decided to try putting a tree with a bird and the other birds flying and toning it down.  Used undercoat and pastels and watercolor. . .Ink for tree, marker for flying birds and tree bird. More of a Sunset.
 Still in winter. . .ice on the water fountain.
 Clouds, Blue Sky and Trees (still has leaves on them)

 Buttercup is Blooming. . . not Spring yet.
 Minx is sleeping soundly while her bebe keeps watch.
Thank you for visiting and comments. I enjoy making the rounds to see your art. Thank you for commenting.  Happy PPF

Saturday, February 9, 2019

House and Cottage. . .and heart shaped tree

Happy Valentines Day coming up.
 I used Ink, Pastels, Prismacolor pencils. . .ACEO art card.

 Courtyard, some lights are on, Fountain is ICED.
 Backyard winter look. . .puff ball clouds in blue sky.
 Horse has his hay and is happy.
 Military fighters went over today.
 Very foggy couple of days ago. . .Backyard.
 If it rains too much I have a pool in my patio
and this puddle reflects the trees above it.
 Minx is in her basket . . .light shining in on her.
I set myself Free to Become All that I Am ~ Victtoria Pettella

Friday, February 1, 2019

Tardis and Pictures

Happy February
Yellow Cottage has something special in the backyard. . .the Tardis. Ink, pastels and stamps were used.  Thank you for visiting. . .I appreciate the comments.

TEENS in Tulsa = ICED Fountain
 Moon peeking through the trees.
 Squirrel enjoying breakfast.
 Clouds, Blue Sky. . .
 . . and Trees.
Minx on top of basket in 
art room. . .CATS like 'highest'
Don’t follow your dreams . . Chase them.