Friday, May 30, 2014

New Art Supplies ~ First gouache painting Moon & Stars

Thanks to the many artists on Paint Party Friday, I have new art supplies and have begun to experiment.

Gouache is difficult for me to get use to.  Fingers and Q-tips do not play a part.  It's not like acrylics. . . more like watercolor, but not, albeit water does play a big part. Whoa. 

There is a sailboat. . .a tree, a lake, moon, stars, tree, yellow cottage, path and flowers. 

The  Paint Party Friday is like a learning center and a art center hosted by Kristin and Eva.  Thanks so much to these two very talented and creative artists.  PPF artists are teachers that are so helpful describing and/or using different art supplies, video's, and at times, step-by-step instructions.

Be sure and visit them all.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Shoes. . .NONE! Inspiring Quote, using a stamp a new way.

The Documented Life Journal
Week 17: Photograph or draw your favorite shoes. As you can see, I am barefoot most of my life and anywhere I go, the shoes come off. I do NOT have a favorite pair. Only 4 shoes that fit.
My walkers are very comfortable, but they are too klunky for church. . .
I have a pair of sandals (which is cold in the little bit of winter we have here).
I have a comfortable pair of semi-tennies. . . but the asphalt is too hot for them during the summer.
The thongs are fine but no support.

Back to barefoot. . . .

Week 18: I drew an eye to Look for Beauty which to me are birds, ducks, etc. An ear to Listen with Love, your heart; and to Live with Intention and Week 20: which is my Friends (that are flowers that never Fade) a stamp. These pages are fun. I love to think up all the creative ways to remember who I am.  I usually mix up the weeks, because I can't get to them all the time and because as I live my life, I combine to live it fully.

Thank you Kristin and Eva for this great place to show and share our creativity at the Paint Party Friday.  All the artists are unique, different, and share there wealth of knowledge, talent and wonderful new art that comes out. I would never know about these new things or even how to use the old art supplies without their wonderful help.  Thank you artists. Go see for yourself at PPF.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Girlfriend

I have another girlfriend this week.

I was without a computer last week and most of this week, therefore, I was unable to visit,  to put up any of my work.  I also have a journal page. My daughter put the first picture in and I finished it.  We used Prismacolor pencils and Faber Castell Pitt pens. . .but also I used pastels.

The artists at Paint Party Friday are wondrous and full of creativity. They share their craft and teach in the process. There are many new products to learn about and they offer videos, instructions and lots of fun. Thank you to Eva and Kristin. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Going to lunch with a girlfriend

I have the neatest girlfriends.  They know how to dress and they know how to have fun. Addy has such a cute aura.  We talk about all the things we will plan to do during this year.. ..

Thank you Kristin and Eva for this wonderful Paint Party Friday.  There are so many different creative and talented people.  A lot of them teach, show new art supplies and how they use them, and the techniques they us show us how to be as creative as what is inside of us.  Be sure you visit all of them.

As Bob Ross, Painter, says, "there are NO mistakes, just happy accidents. "

So go do what you love. .. and share.