Thursday, October 28, 2010

H E L P!!

"Oh, No, I should'na jumped!!  M o m!!!  Help. . . .  I'm Stuck!!!"
What are you going to do, hatch em and the next thing you know they are jumping through the empty crochet thread card.
"You are not ready to jump yet, you need to grow a bit."
Aren't owlets fun?  I have a new group of owls that I am following.  They were hatched in a potted plant. This is the 3rd year for them to come around.  They are fun and interesting and the owner has a blog where there are updates and explanations of what is going on.  The place is in Africa.  A very fun and interesting place. There is a uStream site where there is a chat, I prefer to watch this player because of puter crash issues.  Blessings, Janet

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Booties

In the process of making my first Christmas doll Babe, I wondered what to put the legs in to dry the booties.  The cup I was using was too big (aren't coffee cups always large - mine are, they are Starbucks size).  I looked around for something else. . . ahhh, the wine glass.  Perfect.  She doesn't have her striped socks on yet, but as soon as her booties dry. . . . her face is ready for hair, now she needs wire in her fingers and her body put together, she's coming together nicely, it will be the clothing that will be tough. I can make my own, but her's is tough!!!  She's already discussed her hair 'do' with me.  Yikes!  We'll see. Blessings, Janet

Sunday, October 24, 2010


The Palm Beach Country Quilt Guild had a 25th Anniversary party yesterday.  I have a birthday today. I won several of the prizes that they were given during the celebration.  Two days of celebrating, what fun is that!  My FB friends have wished me a happy birthday too.  I had 21 messages when I woke up this morning. . . and several phone calls.  I am wallowing in this glow of friends and family. Thank you everyone. Many Blessings, Janet

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Owlets

I am working on my owlets (barn owlets).  Crochet little guys. They are so fun to crochet and to look at. The Owl Box is going away Oct. 20, the owls have fledged and it's vacation time for the The Royals. Blessings, Janet

Friday, October 15, 2010

Early Birthday Present

My Girlfriend, Patti, made an owl pincushion.  She knows I watch the Owl Box faithfully, which will come to an end Oct. 20 (before my birthday).  She made (which is so very special) this sweet pincushion for me.  She fits quite nicely on the table. This is a celebration.  Thank you my good friend.

Carrie the youngest was left alone in the owl box Thursday early a.m. and she was anxious by Thursday afternoon late to find out where her sister, Ashley, was. . . so she ventured out during daylight. Something barn owls rarely do (especially when we know there is a hawk in the area).  See picture below.  (albeit: She did hurry back inside.)

Blessings, Janet

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Illinois back from the Reunion

I saw Daddy, some really great people, my pups, and the Class Reunion was fantastic.  We all grew up together.  I do not have the big picture yet or the elementary school picture, but those will be coming in the mail.  Daddy is 94 and doing great.  He has a great sense of humor and looked forward to seeing me every day I was in IL.  It turned cold the last day, so I am glad I got in earlier and left Monday.   My girlfriend from elementary school, Janet is in the picture with me.  I did get my hair trimmed but not cut, so the curls are mine. Blessings, Janet