Friday, October 15, 2010

Early Birthday Present

My Girlfriend, Patti, made an owl pincushion.  She knows I watch the Owl Box faithfully, which will come to an end Oct. 20 (before my birthday).  She made (which is so very special) this sweet pincushion for me.  She fits quite nicely on the table. This is a celebration.  Thank you my good friend.

Carrie the youngest was left alone in the owl box Thursday early a.m. and she was anxious by Thursday afternoon late to find out where her sister, Ashley, was. . . so she ventured out during daylight. Something barn owls rarely do (especially when we know there is a hawk in the area).  See picture below.  (albeit: She did hurry back inside.)

Blessings, Janet

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  1. Oh I SEE! WOW! Jan this is just spectacular. I am so thrilled by this...owls are such mystical beings.

    Bless you! So wonderful......

    xo kelee