Thursday, October 28, 2010

H E L P!!

"Oh, No, I should'na jumped!!  M o m!!!  Help. . . .  I'm Stuck!!!"
What are you going to do, hatch em and the next thing you know they are jumping through the empty crochet thread card.
"You are not ready to jump yet, you need to grow a bit."
Aren't owlets fun?  I have a new group of owls that I am following.  They were hatched in a potted plant. This is the 3rd year for them to come around.  They are fun and interesting and the owner has a blog where there are updates and explanations of what is going on.  The place is in Africa.  A very fun and interesting place. There is a uStream site where there is a chat, I prefer to watch this player because of puter crash issues.  Blessings, Janet

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