Sunday, February 17, 2019

Bookmark. . .Birds Flying and Tree during twilight.

first Book Mark. . . .
 Decided to try putting a tree with a bird and the other birds flying and toning it down.  Used undercoat and pastels and watercolor. . .Ink for tree, marker for flying birds and tree bird. More of a Sunset.
 Still in winter. . .ice on the water fountain.
 Clouds, Blue Sky and Trees (still has leaves on them)

 Buttercup is Blooming. . . not Spring yet.
 Minx is sleeping soundly while her bebe keeps watch.
Thank you for visiting and comments. I enjoy making the rounds to see your art. Thank you for commenting.  Happy PPF


  1. Your art is lovely Janet, especially when you added the tree and different tone to the sky.
    Gorgeous photos!
    Minx looks comfy cozy.
    Have a wonderful week💮


  2. Hi janet. Yes the weather has been strange here, but not in between winter and Spring yet. Much snow and colder than usual. I love the sunset with the trees, birds and tree bird. have a good week.

  3. Your paintings are lovely. Your kitty cat made me laugh. Mine does the same--and has a little friend, too. :D